Cable, 25 Pair Burial

manufacturer: Superior Essex (or equivalent)
model: W25P 24G JELLY
unit: foot


25 pair (50 conductor) telephone cable. Outdoor, jelly filled cable is UV resistant and suitable for direct bury applications without conduit.

Conductors are 24 AWG and follow the industry standard color code for twisted pair cables.

Sold in 1000 ft. reel or custom cut to length. Maximum continuous length is 1000 feet unless special arrangements are made by calling Telephone Central sales.

In most areas of the United States (per the National Electrical Code), this type of cable must be terminated as near as practical to the building entrance but no more than 50 feet inside the building. Lightning protectors bonded to the cable armor and grounding electrode system of the building are generally required as well. Telephone Central can not be held liable for building or electrical code violations. Please check with the authority having jurisdiction in your area for any requirements.

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