Category 5e, 4 Pair Lightning Protector

manufacturer: ITW Linx
model: CAT5E-LAN
unit: each


The CAT5-LAN Category 5e primary surge protector is the only choice for protecting sensitive network routers, hubs, and workstations from lightning and transient voltage surges. The 4 pair version uses the patented Linx Cat5e Circuit Technologyâ„¢ to ensure total protection. For use with high performance 4 pair Cat 5e Outside Plant Cables as well as Cat 5e indoor UTP cables. 100% solid-state protection for fast reliable response to surge events.

UL listed per UL497 for building entrance protection, and meets TIA568 and TIA758 for Cat 5e performance. Cat 5e performance verified by three independent laboratories.

Connectors: 110 in / 110 out

Lightning protectors must be bonded to the building grounding electrode system. Telephone Central can not be held liable for building or electrical code violations. Please check with the authority having jurisdiction in your area for any requirements.


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