Prostar Handset, Almond - Used

manufacturer: Samsung
model: 816/824 HANDSET ALMOND
unit: each


This item is almond.
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Used, replacement handset for the Samsung Prostar series of analog telephones shown below. These phones were used on Prostar 816 *, Prostar 816+ *, Prostar 12/24, and Prostar 56/120 telephone systems.

not shown 12 Button Phone, Almond model: 800
Prostar 816 28 Button Telephone, Almond 28 Button Phone, Almond model: 816
not shown 38 Button Phone, Almond model: 824


* This handset can only be used on 816 telephones that have the numeral 1 in the 3rd digit of the serial number which is located on the bottom of the phone. If the 3rd digit is 0, you will need a different handset.

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