Mid-Size Business Telephone Systems

Ideal telephone systems for mid-size businesses.

Telephone Central has selected the following systems as those that are ideal for organizations needing 50 or fewer phones. Our sales department can help you narrow down the choices based on such factors as: functionality needed, planned growth, networking requirements, etc.

  • Samsung OfficeServ 100

    Easy to use with big system features such as: VoIP, networking, call center applications, T1/PRI, advanced voicemail, etc.
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  • Samsung OfficeServ 7200

    All the easy to use features of the OfficeServ 100 in a larger system with enhanced data capabilities and rackmount architecture. Perfect for the data center.
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  • Tadiran Emerald ICE

    The most affordable system for larger configurations with up to 46 digital telephones.
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  • Tadiran Coral IPx 500

    Perfect as a mid sized phone system with advanced features and can grow to several hundred phones.
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