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You've come to the right place to purchase a telephone system.

Here at Telephone Central, we've been in the business of selling, installing, and servicing phone systems since before it was even legal to connect them to the public network*. In fact, our founder was instrumental in the governmental deregulation that lead to the growth of our industry.

Our customers include thousands of businesses, schools, and government agencies where telephones play a critical role in communications. Customers with communications needs just like yours.

Buy it the way you want to.

At Telephone Central, we have two ways you can purchase a system. Use our AutoQuoteSM configuration tool and buy a complete, customized, ready to install system; or buy individual components to create a complete system.

Follow the links below to help you decide which system to buy. If you need help at any time, please call our sales department at 888-644-PHONE or email us at The phone number is listed at the top of each page for your convenience.


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* We never broke any laws. Back then, the systems were used for internal intercom use only.