Changing the Time on the Wygant Vision Voice Mail System

This is best done at the beginning or the end of the day because voice mail WILL BE DOWN during this process.

From the voice mail PC.

1.    You will need to terminate the Vision application.  Access the Vision program and type "/" (slash).
2.    If "ADMIN" appears, then hit the ENTER key.
3.    If a password is required, enter it now.  If not continue.
4.    Press the Q key to quit.
5.    The display will show "Terminate Session (Y/N)"
6.    Press the Y key to confirm.
7.    At the question "Proceed with reporting and archiving?" Press the N key.
8.    You should be at the C:\WYG\VMAIL> prompt
9.    Type "TIME" and press the ENTER key.  (This is the MS-DOS time utility)
10.  You will get:
              Current time is HH:MM:SS.nn
              Enter the new time:
11.  Enter the time in the 24 hour (military) format separating the hours and minutes with a : (colon).  Just the hours and minutes are needed, e.g., for 2:01 p.m. type 14:01 and press the ENTER key.
12.  Type "GO" and press the ENTER key to restart the Vision voice mail application.